June 22, 2020

Vol. 14  No. 10

News Letter Supplement

(Resistance to Violent Crime)

Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold




Lately, a lot is being said about how much of a role (if any) the police should play in our everyday lives.  Some are proposing we should defund the police and actually do away with them.

Those, would be the lunatic fringe.

But, even for those of us who readily accept the fact that the police are necessary to almost any kind of a civilized existence, we still need to face the harsh realization that they are severely limited in their ability to afford us any immediate protection from sudden violent crime.

So, what should we do while we're waiting for the police to respond to our 911 call?

What's our role as the true FIRST RESPONDERS?

Our friend, Greg Ellifritz, has some good thoughts on the subject, in the following article.

Resistance to Violent Crime:  What Does the Research Show?

Greg Ellifritz

Take a moment to imagine one of the following scenarios:

  • While stopped in traffic at an inner-city intersection, a man with a gun approaches you.  He begins striking your closed window with the weapon, demanding that you give him your car.  You fear that if you get out and comply with the criminal’s demands he may drive away with your two small children who are strapped into their child seats in the back of the car.

  • You are a customer in a bank during a “takeover” style robbery.  After obtaining all of the money from the bank drawers, the robbers begin systematically searching each customer for valuables.  As soon as each patron’s money is taken, he or she is quickly shot in the back of the head.  You are next in line.

  • You are a young woman out on a first date with a man you have just met.  The man begins to get violent and tells you he has a firearm in his coat pocket.  He orders you to take off all of your clothing.  He tells you that after he is done raping you, he plans to kill you so that you will not be able to identify him to the police.    

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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