June 02, 2020

Vol. 14  No. 08

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Attacks on Your Vehicle

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Michael J Arnold



Attacks on Your Vehicle

Greg Ellifritz's "Surviving Riots" (mailed yesterday) got a lot of good comments.  It also got many questions concerning what to do if a  mob of these riotous scum suckers is threatening your well being while you're in your vehicle.

Ellifritz to the rescue...

The cop with the best answers came through today with a follow-up article, wherein he deals with some workable tactics that might get you home after a date-night with your spouse.

Don't just dismiss these recommendations as being without value because, "After all, this will never happen to me."

Things like this can as easily happen to you as anyone you see on the 10:00 o'clock news.  And, if it does, YOU become the First Responder.  Your first line on defense should not be a frantic search for a savior wearing a badge.

Surviving Mob Attacks on Your Vehicle

Greg Ellifritz

Watching some violent “protests” got me thinking about individual tactics for escaping riots and demonstrations.

One scenario I saw playing out over and over again was when a mass of protesters blocked a road or highway.  Those “protesters” would occasionally attack people in the cars that were stopped on the roadway.  Others used the opportunity to carjack the victims and steal their cars.  In one such carjacking attempt, an elderly man was dragged from his car by carjackers and beaten with his own oxygen tank.    

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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