June 11, 2018

Vol. 12  No. 15

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Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Scheduled Training:
Subject: Texas License To Carry
Date: CLICK HERE for next class date
Time: 0800
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range Marion, TX  78124

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Registration: CLICK HERE for class registration form

Random Shots:

I have strong feelings about gun control.  If there's a gun around, I want to be controlling it.

-- Clint Eastwood


How to Stop School Murders

Step 1:  We must have political leaders who really want to stop the murders, rather than simply waving the issue, like a battle flag, to garner support for their political agenda.

ALERT ! ! !

This Commentary has been suspended while we attempt to find just one government official, who fits the criteria set forth in Step 1, above.

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers - Part 1

Rob Morse

I have not seen solid news reports about mass murders in our schools.  Despite the avalanche of sensational news coverage, we never learned where these murderers came from.  We also need to know how to protect our students at school.  I’ll try to cover that information, and this is the first of those two parts.    

Best Practice to Save Our Students From Mass Murderers - Part 2

Rob Morse

Despite the avalanche of sensational news coverage, I have not seen solid news reports about mass murders in our schools.  We need to know where these murderers come from.  We also need to know how to protect our students at school.  I’ll try to cover that information, and this is the second of those two parts.    

The Current Rise Of The 9mm

Massad Ayoob

Every year, I chair the panel of experts on firearms/deadly force training at the conference of ILEETA, the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association.  A few years ago, one of the questions was, “What’s behind the tidal wave of police going back to 9mm service pistols?”  The panel’s collective answer was, it’s certainly a rising tide but it’s not yet a tsunami.    

In teaching, don’t criticize, condemn, or complain


In a recent class we had a scary incident.

A student got hot brass down his shirt and did the “hot-brass dance”.  Unfortunately, in this version of the dance he turned 360º and muzzled everyone on the range.

Some of you aren’t going to like how I chose to handle the incident.    

More Schools Arm School Staff

Rob Morse

School districts in three more states announced that they would arm school staff.  I wrote about this trend here in April and here in March. The map keeps changing as more and more districts adopt a policy to allow some of their teachers and staff to go armed on campus.  That is significant given the legal and cultural biases at work against them.  Arming teachers is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many actions we’ve taken to make our schools safer.  I’ve also seen a cultural change take place.  This is a change in how we protect our students as well as what we do.  Here is some of the recent evidence.    

Top 10 Drills to Improve Your Shooting

Fred Mastison

You’ve made the decision to enter the world of firearms and purchased your first handgun.  After the first trip to the range though, many shooters look long and hard at their gun and wonder what is wrong with it.  They look at their target and see they didn’t shoot the tiny groups at blazing speed like the folks on the internet did.  The shocking news, my friend, is that it is rarely an actual firearm issue.  The handgun is simply a difficult tool to master.  It is relatively small, with a short sight radius, and those things make it difficult to be consistently accurate.  Fear not, though!  Here are 10 exercises to help your overall accuracy.  Let’s look at them in detail.    

Resistance is Never Futile

Mark Hatmaker

Should you always fight back?  Yes.  “But what if…”

Over the course of many years teaching survival-based strategies and tactics the above-exchange has taken place more than a few times. The “but what if…” question is usually posed by well-meaning individuals who haven’t quite grasped the seriousness of physical violence.  These are people whose own humanity, whose sense of civility is so strong that they are caught vacillating between fight or flight decisions.  It is a shame that these good qualities can sometimes stand in the way of grasping the essential facts of just how dire the threat can be.    

The need to SEE

Greg Ellifritz

By now, most of you have seen video of the takedown of the suspect in the April terrorist vehicle run-down attack in Canada. If you haven’t take a look at the short video embedded below.

The video perfectly illustrates one of the most common mistakes I see students perform in scenario training.  I see cops on the street doing it every day as

Can buying less actually give you more safety?

Grant Cunningham

The concept of minimalism intrigues me, because of its emphasis on personal growth rather than the acquisition of things.  It forces one to ask “what’s important to me?” and “what do I really need?” rather than “oh, look, free shipping if I spend more money than I originally intended to!”

Sadly, in this case the self defense and firearms media is always working against you.    

Will “Rules and Regulations” Save Us?

John Farnam

“America will collapse financially, chasing unceasing rules and regulations designed to save defenseless citizens from harm.” ~ Bin Laden

As a panicked and short-sighted nation, we’re hurriedly composing endless reams of new, confusing, and hopelessly inconvenient “rules” with regard to school security, most of it “theater” and little else.

Endless billions of taxpayer dollars are being haphazardly thrown at this issue. More cameras and monitors (that no one is watching), more restrictions on entry and exit, more delays, more confusion, more inconvenience, etc.

But wait!    

Privateer Publications Responsible Information About Shooting, & Self Defense

by: Chris Bird


A Tale of Two Schools

Chris Bird

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is in Parkland, Florida, an upscale suburb of 30,000 in the Miami metropolitan area.  In 2015 the city was designated the best city in Florida for families.  Police service is provided by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.  The high school opened in 1990 and is named after an environmentalist.  Enrollment is about 3,000 students.    

Bayanihan Kali:  Fighting and Emergency Medical

by:  Rudy Salazar

Scheduled Training:

CLICK HERE for a complete calendar of scheduled training opportunities.

No doubt, some of you will read the content summary of Dave Young's article, below, and pass up the opportunity to read it, "... because it's it's intended for cops, and I'm not a cop."

Take your time, take a deep breath and read some good advice that can give you a decided edge on any confrontation, whether you're a Cop, an EMT, a Fireman, or an average Citizen who has high hopes of not losing any foreseeable confrontation.

Also, remember that to prevail, it will be necessary to learn  the techniques described; not just read about them.  Get reliable training.  Train to WIN.

-- Rudy


Pre-Attack Indicators

Dave Young

"No one has started a fight with someone and lost it in their mind first."

How many times have you asked another officer who was involved in a fight what happened and heard that fellow law enforcement professional say, "I don't know, he just punched me?"

Experienced officers know that's not how these confrontations really happen. When you play back the video of almost any physical assault on an officer, you can see the attack coming 30 seconds before the suspect even throws the first punch.    

SAAMAG:  Self Reliance

by:  Pat Scott


Monthly Meeting
Subject: To be announced.
Instructor: Pat
Date: June 24, 2018
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Place: Location is available by CLICKING HERE to contact Pat for the latest information.

RSVP using the same link.

Note:  We will assemble "Meals-In-A-Jar" immediately after the meeting.

If you are already signed up for "Meals-In-A-Jar," don't forget to bring canning jars and lids, or Mylar bags.

I found this great description of Mexican Oregano.  It's not a true oregano which, I believe, is in the mint family.  Mexican Oregano is a type of verbena.  That being said, the flavor is more like dried marjoram (I've substituted it with no discernable difference in the final result) than oregano, and I've used it on chicken and beef stews, and I really like it.  I have it in my flower beds as part of the "edible landscape".  It's not only beautiful but it's hardy, flavorful, and it's medicinal.  What's not to like!?

-- Pat


Mexican Oregano

Howard Garrett

COMMON NAMES:  Mexican Oregano, Rosemary Mint    

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