May 11, 2018

Vol. 12  No. 12

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Lt. Colonel (Ret.) Oliver North
(Next President of the NRA)

Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Scheduled Training:
Subject: Texas License To Carry
Date: CLICK HERE for next class date
Time: 0800
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range Marion, TX  78124

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Support Hand Shooting - Why?

One Saturday afternoon, at a local range, I was teaching a prospective LTC student an impromptu course in "Firearms Safety and Basic Gun Handling".  At one point, I asked her pick up her gun with her support hand.

That's when, her husband had an unexpected reaction to my request.  He proclaimed, in a loud voice, "She doesn't, need to learn that crap, because she'll never have to shoot that way!"

Realizing that my then embarrassed student was married to a moron, and having no desire to become a party to a domestic dispute, I politely ended the training session.

So, what if hubby was right?  Why should one try to develop a level of dexterity that will allow us to shoot well with either hand?

Because we don't train for best case scenarios -


You've probably heard various attempts to justify time spent learning to shoot with one's support hand.  Most revolve around the possibility that the shooter's primary shooting hand/arm could become incapacitated by a gunshot or knife injury, inflicted by an adversary.

Or, the shooter might suffer a broken wrist after tripping over an untied shoelace - how horribly unglamorous that would be.

But, now we can argue:  "What are the odds that your shooting hand will be rendered useless in a fight?"

Who cares what the odds are?  If your life is truly driven by the odds, you probably won't be carrying a gun, in the first place.

Train for the worst case scenarios, not the best.

The more you train, the more options you will have.  More options usually lead to more opportunities to WIN.

Random Shots:

If you really believe it's time to start burying your guns, it's probably time to start digging them up.

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

Myth of Proportional Armament

Craig Douglas

“Usually when one takes training or instruction what they are receiving is an instructor’s vision of a confrontation and the means to prevent or manage such.  A lot can be gleaned about someone’s reference points to the realities of self defense, by examining the methods they espouse.  This is important from the standpoint of insuring that you are indeed training in a system that matches the realities of the way life or death struggle flows.

One of the biggest areas that I see instructors lacking is in their belief that two individuals in a confrontation will be equally armed.  They may acknowledge that disparate force confrontations are common, but does their instruction reflect this?  An example:    

How fast should you shoot?

Grant Cunningham

For at least a decade I’ve subscribed to the idea that a teacher needs to be open to change, and that in fact one of the best ways to gauge the quality of a teacher is to ask what he (or she) has changed their mind about.  If they’re learning, if they’re growing, they’ll experience evolution in their viewpoint.  If they’re evolving, they should be able to point to something they teach now that they didn’t used to, or something that they stopped teaching because they learned something different/better.    

6 Essential Practice Tips for a Concealed-Carry Revolver

Chris Christian

There is a reason the Roman Legion was one of the most-feared armies of its day.  One Legion commander explained it with the quote:  “Our training is bloodless battles and our battles are bloody training.”  They trained like they fought, and mastered the tactics and equipment they would use.  Our elite military units continue that training philosophy today.  But, the value of that training concept isn’t confined to the military.    

5 Critical Mistakes Made by Defensive Gun Owners

Sheriff Jim Wilson

Working in the field of personal defense, I make an effort to keep informed about defensive techniques, equipment and training.  The most-obvious thing I see is that there is a lot of good gear and ideas out there. However, it is also obvious that there are some folks who, though they seem well-meaning, come up with some faulty information and ideas.  It is important for us not to be too critical of this sort of thing.  After all, we went through the learning process to develop our defensive skills and training, too.  With that in mind, here are a few defensive mistakes that occur from time to time.

Mistake No. 1:  Not Learning Your Defensive Handgun    

Korwin:  Memo to Gun Ban Movement – Infringement Is Illegal!

Alan Korwin

Calls to outlaw guns, gun possession, accessories and similar wild-eyed notions now percolating through a portion of our youth and culture are… illegal.

So called “news” media, involved in whipping up the public and unsuspecting youngsters into a frenzy to ban gun types, gun parts, all guns, and places where people can have guns for all legal purposes — like defense against murderers — are an affront to our society and our Constitution.    

Trigger Reset

Tiger McKee

After every shot fired we follow-through, recovering from the recoil, reacquiring the sights on target, and resetting the trigger and preparing to fire another round.  The follow-through is essential for accuracy, especially long-range rifle shooting, and in fighting with a firearm; in a confrontation, you don’t know how many rounds you’ll have to fire to get the desired response.  Most shooters easily grasp the concept of recovering from the recoil and obtaining another sight picture on target.  These actions are almost instinctual.

However, the trigger reset is one of those “wow” things you don’t know about until someone shows you, and is trigger reset-essential for firing multiple shots accurately and in the least amount of time necessary.    

A lot of women’s self defense articles are written by authors with questionable experience in the field.  I’m glad to see this one authored by an accomplished shooter and Gunsite instructor.  You know how I know when a women’s self defense article is good?

When I read the article and say:  “I would give most of the same advice to men as well.”  This article meets that standard.

--Greg Ellifritz

5 Self-Defense Tips for Women

Author: Il Ling

Most of us in the shooting community have embraced the idea that we are each responsible for our own personal safety.  But if you're a woman, there might be far more to this. Not only are we responsible for our own safety, but we might very well be the final line of defense for others in our lives.

The harsh reality is that even a sub-average criminal will try to remove his biggest obstacle first—and that will most likely be any man you're with.  That leaves you.

What about when you're out with the girls, or the kids?  Has anyone given much thought to what to do when a bad guy appears?  Well, he has.  That leaves you.    

Take a Second, Save a Leg

Kathy Jackson

“The fast and/or emphatic reholster is an awesome way to shoot yourself.” – Chuck Haggard

We often see people practicing for a faster draw from the holster, and as they speed up each draw they also start SLAMMING the gun quickly back into the holster on every repetition.  That’s a very predictable result of getting a little adrenalin going.  “Faster!  Go faster!” is the chant in your head, after all, so it’s no surprise that your body reacts to it by going faster.

Even when it shouldn’t.

This pattern creates one of the most common ways that people shoot themselves, as we discussed yesterday.  Among experienced and otherwise well-trained gun owners, a habit of jamming the gun into the holster very quickly and without thinking accounts for a huge number of close calls.  And for far too many serious injuries.    

Responsible Gun Owners Need to Get More Assertive About Policing Our Own

Rob Pincus

We see a lot of news stories about people protesting against or worrying about “Gun Violence”.

Most often, this is from what would clearly be considered the Anti-Gun side of the issue in the United States.  Witty Pro-Gun people sometimes remark that we also are very much against “gun violence”.  A less intellectually engaging, but still appropriate response might be that we should all be against all forms of “violence”.

At the far end of the spectrum are Pro-Gun people least likely to actually win anyone over to our side who want to beat their chest and remind everyone, accurately but needlessly at this point, that “Violence is Sometimes the Best Answer“.

This week, I'm more concerned about how gun owners feel and act about Gun Negligence.    

Available at Walmart?  The Walmart Ammunition Test

Jon Farnam

Serious guns that I carry, and particularly those with which I travel, need to pass the “Walmart Test.”

When Walmart doesn’t routinely carry ammunition for a gun, I’m not interested it it. When on the road, I need to be confident that I can find ammunition that will fit in my guns nearly anywhere I go.

You’ll find 10mm, along with 45GAP and probably 41MAG too, at Cabelas and many other big gun retailers, but you’ll not likely find any of that at WalMart.    

Privateer Publications Responsible Information About Shooting, & Self Defense

by: Chris Bird


Stepping to the Side While Drawing

Chris Bird

Some firearms instructors teach people to step to one side while drawing their guns.  Others teach that the first shot or two should be from a standing still position because the attacker is likely to miss.  I wanted to find out whether stepping to one side or the other made for a slower draw.

So Mike Arnold, Rudy Salazar and I decided to use a timer to put it to the test.  We are all in our 70s so we are probably not as fast or accurate as we were when we were young and good looking.    

Bayanihan Kali:  Fighting and Emergency Medical

by:  Rudy Salazar

Scheduled Training:

CLICK HERE for a complete calendar of scheduled training opportunities.

If you like short stories  about heroes, here's a good one, about a guy named Bill - an Ordinary Man performing an Extraordinary Act of Bravery.

Additionally, it's a great example of the benefits of situational awareness.

Bill was well aware of his situation.  He could have avoided involvement, but that wasn't the choice he made.  He assessed the possibility of injury to himself, and chose to “act”.  Keeping it simple, while the perpetrator was distracted,  he simply tripped him.  Then, Bill let police do the rest.

--Rudy Salazar

Grandpa With Cane Gracefully Takes Down Armed Man Running From Cops

Andrew Blake

Police say grandfather acted bravely when he tripped a fleeing, armed suspect

Columbus, Ohio - A grandfather may have saved the life of an armed suspect fleeing from police when he tripped the man and sent the suspect and the gun flying (video below.)

According to the Columbus Division of Police, the man whom police only identified as “Bill” was at the library with his granddaughter April 3, when the incident happened.

He was waiting outside to leave when he heard police sirens.    

SAAMAG:  Self Reliance

by:  Pat Scott


Monthly Meeting
Subject: To be announced.
Instructor: Pat
Date: May 27, 2018
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Place: Location is available by CLICKING HERE to contact Pat for the latest information.

RSVP using the same link.

Note:  We will assemble "Meals-In-A-Jar" immediately after the meeting.

If you are already signed up for "Meals-In-A-Jar," don't forget to bring canning jars and lids, or Mylar bags.

Food Storage Mistakes To Avoid

Ken Jorgustin

Food storage mistakes are more common than you may think, especially for newbie preppers. While it is one of the first things that most preppers initially set up and acquire regarding their family preparedness, there are mistakes to avoid.

Food storage is easy to do, it has a big impact on general preparedness, and it doesn’t cost too much money to get started.

There are a number of ways to go about acquiring food storage. However there are also a number of food storage mistakes and pitfalls to avoid.    

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