January 30, 2018

Vol. 12  No. 04

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(Defending Against an Unarmed Attacker)

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Defending Against an Unarmed Attacker

One of my readers mentioned the fact that I often use law enforcement related articles in my News Letter.  His observation was followed by, "What about the majority of us, who are not cops?"


Texas statutes relating to defending one's self from an attack, believed by a reasonable person, to be capable of causing death or serious bodily injury, do not change just because the victim wears or does not wear a badge.

In the following article, by Greg Ellifritz, When Cops Shoot an Unarmed Kid there are 3 basic issues in play:

1.  Who was the victim?

The victim of the attack was the law enforcement officer.  It was not the juvenile attacker.  And, as I pointed out above, his LEO status did not alter the officer's justification for defending himself.

2.  Should the "unarmed" condition of the attacker be considered?

The attacker was said to have been unarmed, however, if you, a reasonable person, believe the threat of serious bodily injury or death is both immediate and imminent, the question best asked by you, the victim, should be, "Can he kill me, and will he?", not "What will he kill me with."

3.  Does it matter that the attacker was a "kid"?

I'm an old guy.  I'm neither as fast nor as strong as I once was.  But, my life has just as much value, to me, as it ever did.

The degree of force I believe is necessary to protect myself from serious bodily injury or death, that might be caused by a "kid", is no less than than the force I may deem necessary to protect myself from someone a year or two older.  My need to use force, as well as the degree to which I must use that force, is determined by what an attacker is trying to do to me, not by whom it is being done.

Only the manner in which I am capable of delivering the force necessary to stop the aggressor is pertinent.  In some instances, the delivery method might be, bang.

When Cops Shoot an Unarmed Kid

Greg Ellifritz

Last week, there was a high profile shooting outside of a juvenile courtroom in my county.  While details are still very sketchy, it seems that a deputy sheriff working security for the court was attacked by one of the juvenile offenders appearing in the courtroom.  Some folks reported that members of the juvenile criminal’s family also participated in the attack.

We still don’t know exactly what happened, but the deputy was beaten and taken to the ground.    

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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