November 21, 2017

Vol. 11  No. 48

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(Got Your Club?)

Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Scheduled Training:
Subject: Texas License To Carry
Date: CLICK HERE for next class date
Time: 0800
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range
Marion, TX  78124

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Got Your Club?

... then, the caller asked me, "Do you carry your gun everywhere?"

"Usually, not in the shower," I replied.

If you don't have your gun with you, right now, you don't really have a gun, at all.

Make sure you don't find yourself in an area that some nitwits in the Legislature have placed on the list of places where guns are "prohibited."

I've spent a lot of time trying to explain this concept to folks, without having it appear that I was trying to encourage them to break the law.  In the following article, Mark Walters does a great job of addressing that problem, and  putting things into perspective. 

Never Leave Your Cave Without Your Club
Mark Walters

Over the years I have closed out every single hour of Armed American Radio with the phrase, “Carry on, carry often, carry absolutely everywhere.  Never leave your cave without your club.  Never find yourself in a gun free zone.”    

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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