November 13, 2017

Vol. 11  No. 47

News Letter

(Rapid Mass Murder - RMM)

Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


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Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage:  When Seconds Count, Police Are Still Minutes Away

I have mentioned this book, in previous articles, but, in light of recent events, it deserves mention again

I have had the good fortune of knowing Chris Bird as an accomplished author, a regular contributor to my News Letter, and a valuable member of some of our training groups.

Recently, his latest book has been getting a lot of well deserved notoriety.

His book, Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage:  When Seconds Count, Police Are Still Minutes Away, pre-dates the slaughter at Sutherland Springs.  But, it affords the reader an opportunity to draw accurate parallels to similar events that have taken place, going back to the University of Texas, clock tower killings.

I hope you'll take a few minutes to read the next article, and to pick up a copy of Chris's book.  I believe both can help put some recent events in perspective.

Credit Brave Armed Citizens
Greg Ellifritz

This is a guest post from Ron Borsch.  Ron is a very experienced trainer and one of the leading thinkers and researchers regarding the topic of active killer incidents.  He has some very relevant commentary on two recent active killer incidents.


The two recent incidents I will discuss highlight the utility of the armed citizen in the context of an active killer scenario.  The typical active killer prefers to target locations that prohibit people from legally carrying concealed weapons.  That is why we rarely hear about armed citizens stopping spree killers.  The active killers tend to choose locations where they won’t encounter someone legally carrying a concealed pistol.    

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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