October 02, 2017

Vol. 11  No. 39

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(Allowing a Child Access to a Firearm)

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Michael J Arnold


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Allowing a Child Access to a Firearm

Before the last overhaul of the Texas License to Carry (formerly Texas Concealed Handgun) License, there was a test questions relating to the failure to properly secure a firearm.  It was a pretty straight forward question but, for a reason I couldn't explain, a high percentage of my students were getting the answer wrong.

Question 29 (old test):

If a child, a person under 17 years of age, gains access to a readily dischargeable firearm and is seriously injured or killed after discharging the firearm, the person who failed to secure the firearm can be charged with a class A misdemeanor.

A.  True (correct answer)
B.  False

One day, I paid closer attention to how I was teaching the safety portion of my class.  It dawned on me that, on more than one occasion, I had probably interjected, "I personally think allowing a child to gain access to a readily dischargeable firearm should be charged as a felony offense.

Once I removed the felony reference from my presentation nobody got the answer wrong again.

Although I changed what I teach. my personal belief remains unchanged.  I still believe that anyone, who allows a "child' gain access to a readily dischargeable firearm, other than when directly supervised by an adult, should be charged with a felony.

Unsecured Gun Leads To 4-Year-Old Las Vegas Boy’s Death

Bob Irwin

KSNV NEWS 3 in Las Vegas, Nevada reports 09-08-2017, prosecutors say a gun that killed a 4-year-old Las Vegas boy was being kept between a bed frame and a mattress in a southwest valley home.

The child found the gun in a downstairs bedroom on Aug. 1, 2017, and shot himself.  His parents are now facing prison time for failing to lock up their loaded gun.    

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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