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Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


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Random Shots:

Question conventional wisdom.  Challenge political correctness.  Always fight to win.


It Will Never Happen to Me

One Sunday afternoon, at a local shooting range, I was helping a lady find the middle of her target.  She was a relatively inexperienced shooter, but was doing quite well for her first time holding a gun.

At one point, after a reload, I asked her to pick up her gun with her support hand.  Before she could get a grip on her gun, her husband/boyfriend (whichever) bellowed, "Don't bother to do that.  The odds on ever having to shoot with your left hand are so remote that it's a waste of time to even learn how."

My first inclination was to banish the kibitzer to his car and proceed with the shooting lesson.  In retrospect, that might have been the best way to have handled the situation.  But instead, I opted to try to inject a little logic into the conversation.

I explained to my shooter, that if she used good sense, and worked at avoiding bad people, places and activities, the odds on ever having to use her gun, at all, could well be limited to the shooting range.

BUT, I added, you don't train because you're predicting an attack.  You haven't already selected some "dirt-bag" for a preemptive shot.  You train because it is the "dirt-bag" who will be making the decision to attack you, on his schedule.  And, trust me, "Murphy" will be on his side.

What are the odds that you will be attacked?  Most likely, they are slim.

In many of cases, your own life style choices will determine whether or not you are put in harm's way.  However, being attacked can be a random and a mostly unpredictable act.  That's what you're training for.  The odds don't much matter, once you are a victim; once an attack has begun.

Learning to shoot with either hand should not be dependent on the odds.  Learn the skill.  If you never have to use it, congratulations.  If you do, be eternally grateful you took the time to learn it well.

Please, be sure to check the articles by Massad Ayoob (Mirror Image Shooting), and Fred Matison (One Handed Shooting), immediately below.

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

Mirror Image Shooting
Massad Ayoob

I agree with Mas here. Being able to do everything with your support side hand (including drawing, firing, reloading, and malfunction clearances) in a "mirror image" of your strong side weapon handling is a useful talent to obtain.    

Gunfight Science:  One Handed Shooting
Fred Mastison

In the world of defensive handguns, those serious about the art are always practicing for worst case scenarios.  While we would hope that we would have sufficient time to secure a good grip etc., hope is not a course
of action.  We must focus on the “what if” situations.  One that does not get as much attention as it should is single handed, support side shooting.    

Your Tactical Training Scenario - “I’m going to kill anyone who breaks into my house”
Greg Ellifritz

... You hear noises in your house at night. Upon investigation, you find a man you don’t know sleeping on your couch.  What do you do?

The homeowner in this story shot the intruder.  No doubt many of you would make the same decision.

There isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t hear someone saying, “I don’t care who it is.  If I find somebody I don’t know in my own house, I’m going to kill him.”  With an increasing number of states implementing Castle Doctrine, it may be legal for most of you to do just that.  But being legal doesn’t mean it’s the right solution.    

Gunfight Science:  Gun Malfunction Busting Tips/Tactics
Fred Mastison

There is a wise maxim that was presented by German military strategist Helmuth von Moltke; “No battle plan survives contact with the enemy.”  While this may seem to be an idea that applies to battlefield tactics, it can easily apply to our own personal lives and our ongoing desire to master the defensive handgun.  There are many variables in a dangerous conflict that we may not be able to control yet many times our weaknesses are areas where we simply don’t prepare enough.  In the realm of defensive handgun, the most commonly neglected area is in weapon manipulations for malfunctions and reloads.  Many people are exceptional shots, but if their gun goes unexpectedly quiet, an internal “oh crap” surfaces and the scramble begins.    

Personal Defense Tip: Maintain Situational Awareness In Higher Risk Everyday Locations

Situational awareness: do you practice it? Recently, we covered how a good guy with a gun brought a violent, would-be armed robber to heel in Seminole, Florida.  In that case, the attacker prowled a Publix parking lot for victims and found a woman sitting in her SUV to his liking.

Moving in, the attacker stabbed her repeatedly as she fought to hold on to her purse.  Fortunately, she lived.  Unfortunately, most sheeple don’t realize how parking lots are one of the three most likely places the average person will face an attack.    

9mm vs. .40 Caliber
Sydney Vail, M.D.

At the end of October, the FBI announced that it was planning to swap out the .40 S&W pistols and ammunition now used by its agents and replace them with 9mm pistols and ammo.  This was a widely discussed decision, given that the Bureau once partially blamed the performance of 9mm cartridges for the deaths of two agents in the 1986 Miami shootout and subsequently transitioned to 10mm and then to .40 caliber sidearms. 
This is also a widely followed decision because the FBI's choice of duty pistol and ammo will likely influence many other law enforcement agencies to give the 9mm jacketed hollow-point another look.    

Evaluating a Low Cost Nylon Holster
Karl Rhen

Someone recently gave me a “one size fits all” nylon holster with integral mag pouch.

I’ve always told students this type of holster was a “don’t buy”, and thought they were a bad idea because of the difficulty in doing a decent reload with the mag pouch being on the wrong side of the body for traditional reload techniques.  I took the holster to the range and ran some drills with it.    

Why would you ever need more than one sheet of toilet paper?
Georgia Edgar

No Excuses:  Carry That Extra Ammunition

Are you leaving the house without extra ammunition? Was carrying extra ammunition a part of your regular program that has fallen by the wayside? It may be time for you to re-evaluate your habits.

Can you ever really have too much ammunition? Some don’t think so. Certainly you can only carry so much ammunition concealed, and that must be taken into consideration. But it is prudent to comfortably carry some spare.

Here are some points that may sway you into carrying that extra ammunition:    

Ankle Holster Basics for Concealed Carry
Richard Mann

Tiger McKee, the lead instructor at the Shootrite Firearms Academy in Langston, AL, really likes using an ankle holster.  He uses them a lot for carrying a back-up pistol or even for carrying his primary gun when a holster on the belt isn't an option.

An ankle holster works well when drawing from positions other than standing.  As McKee explains, "If I'm curled up in a fetal position, trying to keep the bad guy from kicking my head in, the draw from [an] ankle holster may be quicker and safer than trying to draw the weapon on my belt.  If I'm seated in a car or behind a desk the ankle holster can be easier and/or quicker to access."    

Can you trust gun law maps?
Grant Cunningham

I have to be honest, the first time I saw it I didn’t give it much thought, you see these things all the time and after a while your eyes just glaze over but when I saw it a second time I paid attention and was quite suspicious of it.

The map shows all but six states allowed carrying firearms in the non-secure areas of an airport and shows three states where open carry is supposedly legal.

I tracked the map down to an article on a Florida pro-gun organization website that was titled ‘Airport Carry is legal in 44 states, but Florida will put you in jail’.  This just didn’t seem right so I set out to verify their claims.    

The Importance of "WHY" - Proactive Reloads
Gabe Suarez

Novices concentrate on the "how" of something - Masters concentrate on the "why".

You see it martial arts training all the time. Students in lines executing one movement or another, emulating the instructor. The same thing is seen in the firearms world.  Lots of guys know "how" to - for example - reload the handgun, and they are spitting images of their instructor.  But unless they understand "why" it is important to do it that way, they don't really know anything other than to mimic what somebody else has taught them.  And it gets worse when that instructor didn't know either.    

Privateer Publications Responsible Information About Shooting, & Self Defense

by: Chris Bird


When my friend, Chris, gave me the following article for this month's News Letter, I was, admittedly, a little reluctant about publishing it.

My first impression was that it he had been just a tad harsh on a couple of members of our group, who had made some  errors in safe gun handling procedures.

Then, I realized I was violating one of my own basic philosophies.  I had become more concerned about hurting the feelings of those involved, than I was about making sure they were learning.  After all, that's why they were there - to learn.  And, learning doesn't happen if there's not someone willing to recognize your mistakes and point them out to help you make sure they will not happen again.

Chris - thanks for the kick in the butt.

-- Mike


Four Rules of Gun Safety
Chris Bird

In the past couple of months, I have had shooting students point guns at me while on the range.  In both cases the students were retired military and should have known better. However just because someone has served in one of our military branches doesn’t mean they know anything about handguns.  It also is why Texas Department of Public Safety range officers wear bullet resistant vests.

The first occasion happened when somehow the web between the student's thumb and forefinger became stuck between the slide and frame of his pistol.  He was yelling because it hurt and I was yelling at him to point the gun down range.

The second incident was when we were doing a drill with two chairs representing the seats in a car.  The passenger had a holstered gun while the driver was unarmed.  The threat (target) was on the driver's side.  The passenger had the option of handing his gun to the driver or getting out of the vehicle and shooting the target from behind the engine block.  When the passenger drew the gun he managed to point it at me before dealing with the threat.

With these incidents in mind, this seems to be an appropriate time to go over the four main safety rules as they apply to firearms.  While there are other rules for gun safety, these are the four most important ones.    

Bayanihan Kali:  Fighting and Emergency Medical

by:  Rudy Salazar

Scheduled Training:

CLICK HERE for a complete calendar of scheduled training opportunities.

Defensive Grooming Gestures
Rob Pincus

Defensive grooming gestures are great defensive techniques for when you aren’t sure what’s going on or for when you are sure but don’t want to escalate a situation by making more overt moves.  Rob Pincus demonstrates these defensive grooming gestures.

Possible Scenarios

Imagine you’re walking down the street and see a couple of kids coming toward you and gesturing to each other, or looking at you nervously, and you aren’t sure what they’re doing.  Maybe they’re just making fun of you, but maybe they’re targeting you for a knock-out punch attack, or worse, a more serious crime.     

SAAMAG:  Self Reliance

by:  Pat Scott


Monthly Meeting
Subject: To be announced.
Instructor: Pat
Date: September 24, 2017
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Place: Location is available by CLICKING HERE to contact Pat for the latest information.

Please RSVP using the same link.

Note:  We will assemble "Meals-In-A-Jar" immediately after the meeting.

If you are already signed up for "Meals-In-A-Jar," don't forget to bring canning jars and lids, or Mylar bags.

Please don't remind me that the Texas floods from Hurricane Harvey have already done most of their damage.

I'm passing along the following article in hopes it will help you be more prepared, the next time.

500 and 1,000 year floods are not so named because they won't happen again for that many years.

Perhaps you've noticed that Nature often pays little of no attention to man made schedules.

-- Pat

A Preppers Guide to Flooding
Paul North

Although it may not be the apocalypse, flooding is a serious threat to many areas of the world.  Floods can come unexpectedly and wreak havoc quickly so it is important to be as well prepared as possible for them.  They can just as easily be caused by adverse weather conditions, such as the floods in the UK over the last couple of years, or unexpected accidents such as a burst dam.  But how do you prepare for the unexpected?

Research your area

Whether it is somewhere you already live, and especially if it is somewhere you are potentially considering moving to, researching the potential flood conditions of an area are essential to determine how at risk you could be. In the UK you can obtain the flood history of any property from the Environment Agency for free (unless the report takes over 18 hours to put together when there is a small fee associated with it).    

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