July 05, 2017

Vol. 11  No. 26

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(To Scan or Not to Scan)

Staying Alive:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


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To Scan or Not to Scan

Back in 1980 - 81, the US delivered dozens of F-16's to the IDF.

While in Israel, some of our pilots noticed an extra piece of equipment in the cockpit of the IDF's, already in use, F4's.

It was a rear view mirror, held in place with epoxy.

One US pilot asked his Israeli counterpart what it was for.  You can probably guess what the response was.

By the way, the term:

"You must be kidding me" in Hebrew is:  אתה בטח צוחק עלי

More recently, in a defensive training session, I was asked about the rational behind the "scan" procedure, performed before re-holstering.  I had to work at not giving the answer:

"Because, you don't have a rear view mirror."

Later, the same day, I ran across several articles, and blog posts where a few "gun-show-commandos" had determined that scanning was an unnecessary waste of time.  To all of those experts, I offer the following:

Scanning 360 before re-holstering can be a life saver, because, under the stress of a fight, it's easy for one to develop tunnel-vision and/or auditory-exclusion. 

When exposed to high levels of stress, one's ability to get any practical use out of their Cooper taught, white, yellow orange ... situational awareness color codes will, at best, have only limited value.

Scanning, will help break the fixation on an (already dead?) adversary.  Scanning is one of the most effective ways of breaking out of the tunnel and being able to see and deal with real problems that may still exist.

Many of you know our friend and Kali trainer, Rudy Salazar.  If you ever want to see an excellent demonstration of staying aware of what's happening around you, watch Rudy, when he's involved in a shooting exercise.  Just as he does, in Kali, he doesn't wait until he's ready to re-holster.  He is constantly scanning the area for additional threats.  That's how you WIN.

Sound complicated?  It shouldn't.  It's the same thing you do, every time you get behind the wheel of your car or onto a motorcycle.

Let's say, "It's what you should be doing."

Train like your life depends on it.

(It could)

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