December 17, 2017

Vol. 10  No. 21

News Letter

(Glass Breaker)

Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Scheduled Training:
Subject: Texas License To Carry
Date: CLICK HERE for next class date
Time: 0800
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range
Marion, TX  78124

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Registration: CLICK HERE for class registration form

Let your friends know we have scheduled an open enrollment Texas License To Carry class for Saturday January 21st.

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No, I Didn't Buy One.
(So what if they're the latest thing on the market.)

If you are at all like me, you probably have a box full of mystery holsters, in your closet.  You probably don't have a clue what they fit.  But, you really needed each and every one of them, when they were the latest thing on the market.

By the way, I heard that the Tactical Plus Holster Co. just hit the market with a shiny, new, imitation patent leather, level IV holster - - and I don't have one, "Hello, Midway ...")

Chances are also good that you have another box full of custom shotgun foregrips, and tactical lights.  You never use them, but, when they were new and innovative, you really needed them.


Is what ever it is you believe you need going to make your life safer?  Or do you need one just because it's new and innovative?  Too many times, the answer is the latter.

Many times I have wished that I had coined the phrase:

"What we have, here, is an ingenious solution to a non-existent problem."

(For example, take the time to read the article from Greg Ellifritz, below.)

Train like your life depends on it.

The Magazine Floorplate/Glass Breaker

Greg Ellifritz

Have you seen the new aftermarket Glock magazine baseplates that double as glass breakers?  If not, this article will show you what I’m talking about.  A reader recently asked my opinion on their utility.

There is absolutely no way I would put one of these baseplates on any of my carry magazines.  They are a horrible idea.

Issue one is the potential for impaling your support hand during normal pistol manipulations.  Vigorously inserting the magazine or executing a “Tap/Rack” malfunction clearance drill with this device creates the potential for a severe hand injury.    

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