September 11, 2016

Vol. 10  No. 14

News Letter

Staying Alive®:  Firearms Training & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Scheduled Training:
Subject: Texas License To Carry
Date: CLICK HERE for next class date
Time: 0800
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range
Marion, TX  78124

CLICK HERE for directions.

Registration: CLICK HERE for class registration form

Random Shots:

There is no alternative to winning; no participation trophies.


Because, It's Not Punishment

Watch the 10:00 o'clock news and hear the plaintive wailing of the bereaved relatives:  "Why did he have to kill him?  He was such a good boy.  He didn't have to kill him.  He didn't deserve to be punished that way."

In some instances, it's easy to see this as an understandable response to a situation that left one person dead, at the hands of another.  After all, killing is viewed by most as an excessive degree of punishment; no matter what the crime.

That's the point.  The act that left one person dead in the Wal-Mart parking lot was, quite possibly, not meted out as punishment for the bad act of the deceased.

The act might have been a justifiable use of deadly force, required to protect the life of a person, who was defending him or her self against an unlawful and un-provoked act of deadly force of another.

No reasonable person should argue against the traditional norm, set by society, that the punishment should fit the crime.  Punishment should be applied to the degree that society, guided by law, religion, etc ... prescribes.  It should not be excessive.

However, protecting one's life does not involve punishment.  Rather, protecting one's life, or the life of another, is an absolute right, with no bounds.

The hard thing for some to comprehend is that protecting a life with a justifiable act of deadly force should never be considered to be punishment.

Train like your life depends on it.

Why You Should Never Fire Warning Shots

Sam Hoober

Don’t listen to anything you hear about warning shots unless it’s to never actually fire them.

While perhaps the practice has (or had) some sort of merit at some point for some people, the reality is that it has none in the civilian world.

If you have to draw a concealed carry handgun from its holster, it should only be with intent to fire at someone who obviously means you serious, lethal harm.

There are a number of reasons why you should never contemplate firing warning shots.    

Your Tactical Training Scenario ... Nosy Shopper

Greg Ellifritz

Imagine standing in line at the grocery store waiting as your spouse pays for your purchases.  As your spouse keys in the pin number for the debit card, a man behind you in line pushes past you and begins trying to see the numbers your spouse is inputting on the keypad.  You tell the man to step back.  He ignores you and continues to try to get a closer look at your spouse’s pin number. What do you do?

A 59 year-old man in Oregon recently faced this situation.  After the second verbal warning instructing the man to step back, the man attacked.  The physical confrontation in the register aisle quickly turned even more dangerous as the nosy shopper drew a semi-automatic pistol and tried to shoot the man who was protecting his wife’s pin number.    

Noted Firearms Instructor Rolls Up On Armed Squatters In Denver

Bob Owens

Well-known firearms instructor Rob Pincus of I.C.E. Training drove up to his wife’s old home yesterday, and found out that the home—which was supposed to be vacant—wasn’t.

Rob was armed, had the skills and training, and did what any intelligent person in his situation would do.

He called the police, and let them handle it.

Had one of those “Practice what you Preach” moments today.    

Outstanding Advice.

Gunnie Arguments that Make No Sense

Tom McHale

A wise person once recommended that you never wrestle with pigs.  Why?  You both get muddy, and the pig kind of likes it. Yet against my better judgment, I occasionally wrestle with pigs online in pointless arguments.  I’ll bet a box of .25 ACP ammo that you do too.

Recently, some faceless person at the opposite end of my tin can and string insisted that anyone using XS Sights was derpy.  Yeah, I know, you can have more meaningful discussions if you get off your couch and walk to the corner of Ignorance and Bliss than debating online.  Anyway, I happen to use XS Sights on my compact carry gun, because I like them.    

Gun Review: Remington R51 Gen 2

Nick Leghorn

I was excited when Remington announced they were creating a redesigned Model 51 handgun. I was looking forward to seeing what Remington could do with the Pedersen Action concept, formerly lost to the mists of time. But the redesigned R51 stumbled out of the gate. Badly. (Click here to read my original review.)

To its credit, Big Green recalled the gun. Rather than consign the R51 to the history books again, Remington went back to the drawing board. At the same time, they addressed the quality control issues bedeviling the gun. There were good reasons not to abandon the design.    

Concealed Carry:  Choosing a Backup Gun

Joseph von Benedikt

Defining the perfect backup gun for concealed carry is a difficult task, but we’re here to give it our best attempt.

Why so difficult?  Because “perfect” is so individual and subjective.  There are a broad variety of potentially suitable backup guns for concealed carry because there are a broad variety of needs.  What’s right for a southwestern Sheriff is far different than what’s right for an undercover Chicago cop, and what’s right for a 2nd Amendment-loving businessman in Dallas is far different from the perfect backup gun for a big game guide in Alaska’s grizzly country.    

6 Essential Elements of Concealed Carry

Brad Fitzpatrick

Over the last decade, the number of individuals obtaining a concealed carry permit has skyrocketed, and that’s a good thing.  The concealed carry movement has bolstered support for the Second Amendment, introduced legions of new shooters to the world of firearms and proven that legal gun ownership does not create spikes in crime rates (just the opposite, in fact).

Perhaps most importantly, the boom in concealed carry has preserved the personal liberty of millions of Americans by allowing them to defend themselves against those who would inflict harm upon them.  As a result of this new wave of shooters, gun sales have risen dramatically, and the topic of concealed carry firearms has become a water-cooler topic in workplaces around the country.    

Privateer Publications Responsible Information About Shooting, & Self Defense

by: Chris Bird

Gunfight at the Mercy Fitzgerald Wellness Center

Chris Bird

The patient arrived early. His appointment was for 2:45 p.m. but he arrived about 1:30 p.m. according to a police report.  The psychiatrist, Dr. Lee Silverman, 52, told investigators he had the office secretary contact Theresa Hunt, 53, the patient’s case manager, to see if she was available for the appointment. When Hunt arrived the three of them walked from the reception area down a narrow corridor to Silverman’s office.

Silverman had treated the patient about twenty years before and had recently started seeing him again.  The last time the patient had been in the office was six or eight months previously, the psychiatrist said. At the time the patient had been ranting about the gun-free signs on the building.

“He was accusing me of deliberately putting the signs up to keep him out of the building,” Silverman told detectives.    

Bayanihan Kali:  Fighting and Emergency Medical

by:  Rudy Salazar

Scheduled Training:

CLICK HERE for a complete calendar of scheduled training opportunities.

Three Pillars of Mastering the Filipino Martial Arts

Leslie Buck

Whether you are a beginner or a long term student of Filipino Kali, you want the same thing: You want to improve your skills. Knowing the right path to follow for that purpose is very important.  No matter what level you intend to reach, the path towards mastery is the best approach to improve your skills.

With the right effort, mastery is available for anyone who is dedicated.  There are no special tricks, shortcuts, amulets or magic spells that will get you there.  You just have to do the work.  If you do the work long enough, and do it properly, you will first start to see glimpses of mastery.  You will have moments of clarity and synchronicity that bring a sense of freedom from the intensity of concentration normally needed during your practice or application.    

SAAMAG:  Self Reliance

by:  Pat Scott


Monthly Meeting
Subject: To be announced
Date: September 25, 2016
Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm
Place: Location is available by CLICKING HERE to contact Pat for the latest information.  RSVP using the same link.

Note:  We will assemble "Meals-In-A-Jar" immediately after the meeting.

If you are already signed up for "Meals-In-A-Jar," don't forget to bring canning jars and lids, or Mylar bags.

Edible Weeds:  Weed Them and Eat.

Ellen Sandbeck

A few years ago, during our daughter Addie’s senior year at the University of Chicago (yes, the Green Barbarian Lifestyle does produce fantastically brilliant and beautiful children, both of whom graduated from the University of Chicago, and thank you for noticing!), she managed to acquire one of the very scarce community garden plots available near the University.  By the time she took possession, most of the other plots had already been planted, and hers was knee deep in weeds, many of which she harvested and brought home, much to the amazement of her roommates, who had never heard of, much less eaten, lambs-quarters, (Chenopodium album) which is one of our family’s favorite greens.    

Crouching Produce Stand, Hidden Medicine Cabinet

Sayer Ji, Founder

Fruit is not only enjoyable to eat -- as it should be, considering the very word fruit stems from the Latin word frui, meaning "to enjoy, use" -- but it also nourishes and protects the body with powerful, built-in medicinal activity.  Fruits are by design a "perfect food," intended to entice animals to consume them in order to help disseminate their seeds, for instance.  This means that unlike grains, and other lectin- and anti-nutrient-rich organisms, e.g. wheat, tomato, beans, we humans have chosen to make into our food, fruits are less likely to come equipped with "invisible thorns," as they benefit as much in being eaten as we do in eating them.  Also, like our now hard-wired biological dependence on obtaining vitamin C from external sources (unlike most animals we can not produce it from glucose), countless millennia of fruit consumption has left our genetic infrastructure in need of continual resupply of many of the key vitamins and phytocompounds they contain copious quantities of ...    

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