March 11, 2016

Vol. 10  No. 05

News Letter

Staying Alive®:  Firearms & Texas License To Carry

Michael J Arnold


Scheduled Training:
Subject: Texas License To Carry
Date: Saturday, 03-19-2016
Time: 0800
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range
Marion, TX  78124
CLICK HERE for directions and map.

Registration: CLICK HERE for class registration form

Random Shots (new feature):

Before you run out and buy the latest and greatest Level II (or III) holster, ask yourself:

"Can I get my gun out of the holster, using only my support hand?"

If the answer is, "No," consider a holster that's more user friendly.


I can't count the times I've heard shooting instructors give their students instructions on how to cope with the "dreaded recoil" associated with firing a handgun.  It usually goes something like, "The easiest way to avoid "flinching" when you shoot is just to make sure the shot comes as a surprise."

My advice to students of the shooting discipline:  "If anyone ever advises you to let the firing of a handgun be a surprise, run away as fast as you can."

The primary ingredient needed for proficient shooting is control.  The shooter must remain in control of as many aspects of his handling and shooting a handgun as possible.  The last thing I want is a student who is surprised while he/she is holding a loaded gun.

That said, a method that works well for me is to get the student to recognize the difference between making the gun fire and letting the gun fire.  Simply, keep increasing a steady pressure until the pressure is sufficient to cause the gun to fire.

What difference does it make?  To a person just learning the fundamentals of shooting, it can make the difference between learning a safe, controlled shooting method under supervised range conditions, as opposed to relying on an uncontrolled reflexive response in a fight.  Once you lose control, it's hard to regain it.

Train like your life depends on it.

The Second Gun Advantage

NRA Shooting Illustrated
Chris Christian

Law enforcement officers normally carry a second handgun. Called a backup, it allows them to pursue and resolve a criminal incident should their primary handgun be damaged or malfunction. It’s a common sense tactic.
FBI statistics indicate that, on average, three rounds are typically fired to end a violent attack but, of course, is any attack average?

The majority of states that issue concealed-carry permits allow for the carrying of multiple handguns. Not many civilians do so, however, but there is a degree of understandable logic there.     READ MORE

Mastering lightning fast handgun reloads

Jeffrey Denning

Reloading your pistol both unerringly and expediently is a touchstone skill for handgun shooters and, as is so often the case in life, the key to success is organization. Presenting a lot of same issues as dealing with malfunctions, the ability to get your weapon back in ready-fire mode is essential and I have a story from a police officer friend of mine that illustrates this very point:

A while back, my friend policed with another officer in a high crime district. Their precinct tended to get at least one shooting a month. One night, this veteran officer found himself on the hunt for a murder suspect he believed to be hiding somewhere around an abandoned parking lot. Patrolling the far edge of the lot on foot, the officer took fire from the suspect who had taken up an ambush position in some nearby bushes.


Market Adjusts To Surge Of Female Shooters

Bob Owens

The fastest growing demographics in gun ownership are young, urban, and female, a fact that is having a substantial effect on firearm manufacturers, retailers, and ranges alike.

Ask a woman what she has in her purse, and you’ll get a mixed bag of answers.

A growing number of women will tell you they are packing heat.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation says there’s been a 77 percent increase in female gun ownership since 2005. More women are also taking an interest in concealed carry classes.     READ MORE

Dirty dozen:  Avoid these 12 bad habits while shooting.

Eric Lamberson

Bad habits are something we all try to guard against, but they often creep into our shooting. Some shooters learn bad habits because the people teaching them do not know any better. Even when taught correctly, others develop bad habits through failing to apply what they learn.

Flinching, anticipating the shot, chasing the sights, jerking the trigger, etc., are all bad habits. However, in this article I want to examine some of the more interesting variations I typically see.     READ MORE

Bayanihan Kali Fighting and Emergency Medical

by:  Rudy Salazar

Scheduled Training:
Subject: Edged Weapons Training (CQC Knife Tactics)
     CLICK HERE for more information.
Date: Sunday, 03-13-2016
Time: 0830 - 1200
Place: Bexar Community Shooting Range
  15391 Bexar Bowling Rd.
  Marion, TX  78124
     CLICK HERE for directions.

Arming Yourself for Self Defense


Leslie Buck

Being armed is an essential part of self defense.  Not every scenario can be solved by talking, running or even by using your empty hands.  If you do decide to arm yourself, you need to make sure you choose the right weapon for you and that you learn to use it properly.  This process starts with your personally outlook on life.

Is Carrying a Weapon Right for You?

You need to start by asking yourself some very important questions.  Are you capable of violence?  Do you believe it is ok to hurt someone else in order to defend yourself?  Are you willing to take a life in order to protect your own?  How about your family members and other loved ones?  Your religion, personal philosophy, and values will be your primary guides here.     READ MORE

SAAMAG:  Self Reliance

by:  Pat Scott


Monthly Meeting - Part 1
Subject: Off Grid Aquaponics
Instructor: Bob Stewart
Date: Sunday, 03-20-2016
Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Place: Water Garden Gems
    3230 Bolton Rd
    Marion, TX 78124
    Lat  29.502898N
    Lon  98.185375W
CLICK HERE for directions.

Off-Grid Aquaponics

Bob Stewart has been operating his aquaponics system totally on solar.  He built the system himself instead of buying a kit and will be able to answer our questions. I really enjoy the opportunity to learn from someone who's not trying to sell me something and would like to thank Bob for volunteering his time and expertise to our group.

Part 2 of our meeting will be held about 2 miles away, at the Bexar Community Shooting Range.

Monthly Meeting - Part 2
Subject: Compost 101 (Tumbler)
Instructor: Pat Scott
Date: Sunday, 03-20-2016
Time: 4:00 - 5:00

Bexar Community Shooting Range
    15391 Bexar Bowling Rd.
    Marion, TX  78124
    Lat  29.48306N
    Lon  98.17664W
CLICK HERE for directions.

Compost 101 (Tumbler)

If you're growing anything and you're not making your own compost, you should.  It's not hard to do, you don't have to spend any money on the bins, you throw "garbage" into it, and it is some of the best stuff you can put on your garden.

CLICK HERE for a very good video explanation of how a compost pile works.

CLICK HERE to see how to make a compost bin tumbler.  Compost tumblers are the easiest and most efficient way to create compost.  I love the idea of a portable compost pile.  Make these compost tumblers out of garbage cans with wheels and take the finished compost in the tumbler to your garden, where you need it, instead of hauling it in a wheelbarrow; too easy!

I found the garbage cans with wheels and locking lids at McCoy's Lumber for $17.50.  Bring your can and we'll punch the holes. We'll talk about compost and what makes it work, how to make it heat up so that it kills the pathogens and weed seeds.

Wicking Beds

We've converted our Wicking Bed building directions, from our website to a simple .pdf file.  If you wish, you can download the file:  CLICK HERE

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