June 14, 2015

Vol. 9   No. 13


I've been told that the sub-title of this installment should be, "Why Should You Pay More For My Class, When You Will Get The Same License With A Cheaper One?"

Fact:  You will get the same license, whether you take my longer class and pay a higher price, or whether you take a (minimum required) 4 hour class at a bargain basement price.

Why is there such a pricing disparity between the cost of my class and the cost of others? The short answer is that everybody charges what they believe their class is worth.  As an instructor, if you believe your class is only worth $30 or $40, that's probably what you'll charge.

Another possibility is that the CHL Class is only incidental to the instructor's primary business.  The CHL Class then becomes nothing more than a "loss-leader item" to get you to spend more money on firearms or range fees.  In such instances, the CHL Class is of much less importance than is the primary business of selling firearms.  I will leave an assessment of class quality to your imagination.

Other facts to consider:

  • Does the bargain-basement class include free pre-class firearms training?

    • Ours does.  Why?  Because we realize that the State required proficiency test is ridiculously simple, and we believe a little extra training might prove to be very beneficial in a bad situation.

  • Does the bargain-basement class offer continuing education classes?

    • Ours does.  Why?  We offer a wide range of shooting and non-shooting classes for students who believe that more options increases their chance of winning in a "serious social encounter." Some additional training is occasionally offered at no charge.

  • Does the bargain-basement class charge you a separate range fee?

    • Ours does not.  Only range fees associated with our separate, "free" shooting instruction are not included in our base price.

  • Will the bargain-basement class "rent" you a gun for taking your Range Proficiency Test?

    • We will "loan" you a firearm (no charge) for either the free pre-class fundamentals instruction, or the in-class Range Proficiency Test, or both.

  • Does the bargain-basement class put primary emphasis on (1) education of the students, or (2) making sure the class time does not exceed 4 - 6 hours, so as to ensure that the instructor doesn't have to work too hard for his fee?

    • Our classes are not for clock-watchers.  Our classes run longer than most  in order to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.  Why?  Because, we believe our students come to learn and not just to satisfy the minimum  requirements for a license by simply going through the motions.

Note:  If you're the type if individual that is easily satisfied by meeting minimum requirements, our classes might not be what you are looking for.

Fact: If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in a courtroom trying to defend yourself in a criminal case for manslaughter, or in a wrongful death civil case, you will, most likely, not benefit much from blaming your unlawful or inappropriate actions on inadequate instruction from your CHL Instructor.

Our guaranty to you:

If, at any time during one our CHL Classes, prior to receiving your Form CHL-100 (Certificate of Training),  you are dissatisfied with either the quality or the length of the class, we will refund any and all fees paid by you, less any range fees incurred, during the course of instruction.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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