May 11, 2015

Vol. 9   No. 11


Sometimes it's easy to lose track of how important law enforcement officers are in our everyday lives.  Unfortunately, losing track of police importance seems to be easier for those of us who carry our own guns.  Why?  Because, we see ourselves as more independent, and we love those silly signs that proclaim:

We Don't Call 911.
(bull s**t  -  I will)

I happen to carry a gun, but if my life or that of another is in danger, I will not hesitate to call 911.

If I'm going to call 911, anyway, why do I carry a gun?

  • Because I realize that there are fewer police than there are bad guys, who need police attention,

  • Because I realize that, while the police are taking my Emergency Call, they are probably taking calls of equal importance from others,

  • Because it gives me a few extra options, while I'm waiting for the police to respond, and


Conversely, if I carry a gun, why do I need to call the police?

  • Because I'm hoping they will bring more good guys, more guns, and more ammunition to the fight, and

  • Because I carry a gun to protect Me, not You, your chances of surviving a serious social encounter could be greatly enhanced.

What problem, then, is caused by losing track of how important law enforcement officers are in our everyday lives?

When we forget what a tough job they perform (for us), it gets too easy to accept the talking head narrative, "Most cops are good, but ..."

To what seems to be a growing number of people, who find it necessary to insert the "but" qualifier in that sentence, I have 2 questions:

  1. Will you name ANY cops that you know, who are other than good cops? and

  2. Will you tell me when you, as a law abiding, concerned citizen, initiated any action to have the bad cop(s) removed?

In the meantime:

To the law enforcement officers who are there for me, if I need help, and even to those who have occasionally been there to remind me that my family will be safer, if I just slow down to the speed limit:


Practice, Practice, Practice


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