March 02, 2015

Vol. 9   No. 07

If it Ain't Broke, Fix it 'til it is.

Did you ever wonder why we seem to have more laws than we do reasons for having them?   One cause of that lies with some of our friends in Austin, who feel compelled to attach their names  to proposed changes in our laws, without much consideration given to the consequences of those changes or whether or not WE, their constituents, even want the changes.

In a February 24, 2015, Houston Chronicle article, Lauren McGaughy reported the results of a UT-Texas Tribune survey showing that, when it comes to gun laws, Texans seem pretty pleased with the status-quo.

Quoting from McGaughy's article:

  • Of the roughly 1,200 registered voters polled, 52 percent of those identifying as Republicans favored leaving the Lone Star State's gun laws as they are.  Of those identifying as "strong Republican," 54 percent said they wanted to leave the law as is.

  • Of those surveyed, just one in 10 favored unlicensed open carry of handguns, which advocates have dubbed "constitutional carry."

  • Nearly half, 45 percent, favored the current concealed carry law, and just 22 percent said they favored licensed open carry.

McGaughy's article also quoted TX Senator Rodney Ellis as saying:

"My gut is that some of their [legislative colleague's] thought processes have been high jacked, by a small, very vocal element ..."

In my February 13, 2015, Newsletter, I asked you, my readers, to:

"Make your own decision." and, then, make your decision known to those you elected."

No person or organization knows what's right for you, like you do.

Many of you have taken the time to contact your State Legislators.  For those who haven't yet gotten around to it, please make your opinion known.

To find your State Senator or State Representative, click here.  Let them know how you feel about Open and/or Unlicensed carry of a handgun.

Be part of the process.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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