December 24, 2014

Vol. 8   No. 18

More on Winning

Avoid the Fight

"He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight."

The best way to win is not to have to fight, at all.

Sun Tzu -
The Art of War

"Sometimes, the purpose of the strike is to give you time to use the RLH method (Run Like Hell)."

Rudy Salazar -
Kali San Antonio

"The best place to be in a fight is someplace else."

Tyler Woods -
The Eleventh Hour Preparedness

On more than one occasion, I have made the claim that, in a fight, it doesn't matter how you play the game.  The only thing that matters is whether you win or lose.

What's the best way to win?  One tried and true method is, "Strike First.  Strike Hardest."  Another method that has an even higher success rate is "Avoid the Fight."

If the choice is available, stay out of harm's way.  Avoiding the fight is particularly important if you are carrying a gun.

One of the dumbest things I've ever heard came from a friend of mine.  We were discussing where we each normally carried a gun.  He told me, "I don't carry my gun everywhere I can legally do so.  I normally carry it only if I'm going to be in a place where I anticipate I'll need it."

My response was, "Now, explain to me why you would intentionally go to a place where you believe you might be killed.  Are you familiar with the word, insanity?"

Unfortunately, carrying a gun tends to embolden some people in a way that encourages reckless behavior.  Try to remember that just because you own a fire extinguisher doesn't mean you should spend your day playing with matches.

Confused, yet?  How can you "win" if you never fight or if you run from a fight?

It's really pretty simple, if you know what winning is really all about:

  • It's about going home alive, uninjured, and without being sued or arrested.

  • It's about having the wisdom to know that it doesn't depend on defeating anyone.

  • It's about the realization that it is possible for “both” parties in a dispute to win.

  • It's about knowing that, if the other person in the dispute also goes home alive and unharmed, it does not take away from your win.

Stay safe, my friends, and thank you for a good year.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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