October 20, 2014

Vol. 8   No. 14

CHL Renewal

Lately, I have been receiving more and more emails and phone calls questioning whether or not there is any requirement for Concealed Handgun Licensees to attend a continuing education class or demonstrate shooting proficiency, before renewing their License.

When I confirm that the requirement was removed, last year, the response I get is usually similar to, "Who's the moron that came up with that idea?"  I have also heard the term "nit-wit" used interchangeably with "moron."

My response is always the same, "Nobody in Austin cares if you can hit your intended target, as long as you pay your renewal fee."

By now, you've probably figured out that I believe there should still be a continuing education requirement.  It has been said by some that the only reason I believe that is because I make money teaching the classes.  Of course, the fact that I am, undeniably, a capitalist pig, does affect my belief, however, it is far from my primary motivator.

Why do I believe Concealed Handgun Licensees should have to re-qualify to renew their license? 


The State of Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 7, Chapter 218, Rule 218.9 Continuing Firearms Proficiency Requirements, requires that every Texas law enforcement agency "...require each peace officer that it employs to successfully complete the current firearms proficiency requirements at least once each calendar year for each type of firearm carried.

  • I believe the need to be proficient with the firearm that they carry is no less important for civilians than it is for peace officers.

  • I am unaware of any studies that show peace officers to be inherently less capable of proficiency with a handgun than are civilian Concealed Handgun Licensees.

  • Also, without periodic testing, there is no way to disqualify licensees whose mental or physical faculties have become impaired, making it no longer possible for them to shoot a firearm without jeopardizing the lives of persons around them.

    1. This was brought to my attention by a police officer friend, who pointed out that his, practically blind, 90 year old, Concealed Handgun Licensed grandfather will be able to carry a handgun, as long as he can pay the $35 renewal fee.

If you are one of the many Licensees, who believe the lack of any continuing education requirement makes current CHL law somewhat inadequate for protecting the general public, give consideration to the following:

  1. Start by downloading a pdf version of the current laws at:  The Texas Handgun License Laws

    1. Stay current on the laws of the State of Texas,

    2. The downloaded pdf file is searchable, and is easier to use if you don't print it, and

    3. It's FREE.

  2. Contact us about participating in all or part of our next CHL Class as a refresher.

    1. There will be NO CHARGE for participation in the classroom instruction.

    2. If you wish to participate in proficiency testing, you will need only to pay the range fee in effect at the time (Note:  Range fees will be paid directly to the range.), provide your own handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition.

  3. Participation in either of the above will be subject to space available in the class. 

Those of you who took my Initial class will, hopefully, remember that I spent a lot of time talking about options.  An example would be the "Castle Doctrine" that took away the obligation to first consider retreat before using deadly force, however, retreat will always remain an option.  Likewise, although continuing education is no longer a requirement for renewal of your CHL, it will always remain an option.

We have always believed the decision to carry a handgun to be a serious one.  We hope you will treat it with the seriousness it deserves.


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