August 10, 2014

Vol. 8   No. 12

Continuing Education

We've been busy, improving our Continuing Education Program.  In an effort to provide the best instruction for the greatest number of our students, we've come up with a new  plan that I think you will like.

Taking a page from our own Fighting Tactics program we are replacing some of our 2 day courses with new, highly specific 4 hour workshops.  Each workshop will immerse the student in an all encompassing knowledge of winning shooting tactics by presenting each element in a concise, understandable, and demonstrated format.

Our new approach will allow participants to concentrate on specific areas they believe will best strengthen their own specific knowledge base.  We know that both new shooters as well as seasoned veterans, who only wish to refine their skills, will be able to benefit from the new workshops.  Here is a list of workshops we will be offering:

Workshops to be offered:
  • Presenting Firearm From Concealment
  • Loading, Re-loading & Stoppages
  • Shooting Positions - Standing, Prone, High/Low Kneeling, Squatting,
  • Use of Cover or Concealment
  • Low-light Shooting
  • Single Handed Shooting (Strong-Hand and Support-Hand)
  • Multiple/Moving Targets
  • Moving Before, During, and After Shooting
  • Too Close Transition to non-Shooting Techniques

Workshops will have as a pre-requisite:

  • Active Law Enforcement,

  • Active Officer of the Court,

  • Active Military,

  • Licensed Private Security,

  • Holders of a valid Concealed Handgun License, or

  • Completion of our Free, Shooting Fundamentals and Firearms Safety Course.  This course will be made available to participants who have registered for one of the Workshops.

Workshops will be held at various locations, and will be reasonably priced at $60.00.

We will publish a schedule of workshops, however, we will also attempt to accommodate private groups of 8 or more students.

Let us hear from you concerning interest in our new Continuing Education Workshops:


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