June 30, 2014

Vol. 8   No. 10

Spare Ammunition

Colorado Gun Control Restrictions Upheld by Federal Court:

In a case filed by NSSF, Magpul Industries, firearms retailers and others, a federal court judge ruled late last week that Colorado's ban on standard-capacity ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 15 rounds and mandatory background checks on private firearms transfers do not violate the Second Amendment.

(NSSF Bullet Points 06-30-2014)


How many times have you heard the following argument?  "Laws limiting magazine capacity are easily overcome.  All people will have to do is simply carry more magazines."

OK, my friends,  -  How many spare magazines, topped off with ammunition, do you carry?

I'll bet even money that the overwhelming majority of you answered -0- (none).

Remember, there are some words you will almost never hear in a gunfight, "Whoa, I brought way too much ammunition."

I would compare carrying a gun with a deficient amount of spare ammunition to limiting my gasoline purchases to a couple of gallons, every time I had the opportunity to fill up.  I might have enough to get me where I'm going (I wanted, so badly, to say the Wal-Mart parking lot), but I might not have enough to get me home safely.

If you believe you are suffering from ADS (ammunition deficiency syndrome), the first part of your problem is easily solved:

  1. Buy some more magazines,

  2. Buy some more ammunition, and

  3. Buy a magazine pouch.  If you carry your handgun  in a purse, the spare magazines should fit.

Then, comes the hard part:

  1. Learn how to change magazines quickly and safely.  Remember, the fight won't stop and wait for you, while you're trying to figure out why your gun is going, click ... click ... click.

  2. Challenge your ability to perform properly executed magazine changes by using dummy rounds to simulate failures.

  3. Practice changing magazines under various conditions and scenarios.  Having the spare ammunition is of little use, if you can't get it into the gun quickly and safely.

Remember:  There are only two times when you can have too much ammunition; when you are swimming or when you are on fire.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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