April 21, 2014

Vol. 8   No. 08

Donna Campbell's Short Classes

If you know someone who's considering getting a Texas Concealed Handgun License, now that instructors are not supposed to exceed 6 class hours, make sure they ask their instructor, "How are those 6 hour classes working out for you?"

Most of the instructors I know rank the success of the new, shorter classes right up there with Obama Care.

The 6 hour class was supposed to make it easier to qualify for the Texas CHL, thereby increasing the number of applicants paying fees paid to the State (follow the money).  Notice, however, that the State did not reduce their standard $140.00 fee for new applicants, to help further, by making application for the license easier on the bank account.

What the new limits have actually done is not much more than give Donna Campbell bragging rights on a, so called, "accomplishment" that she can claim in her run to keep her State Senate seat.

When prospective students call me and ask how long my class is, I tell them to plan on staying for around 10 hours.  The immediate reaction is usually, "No, no, they shortened that to a maximum of 6 hours."

Well, let's take a look at Donna's 6 hour class:

Subject Estimated
Included in 6 hours?
Use of Force 1.5 Hours Yes
Safe Storage 1.5 Hours Yes
Non-violent Dispute Resolution 1.5 Hours Yes
Handgun Use 1.5 Hours Yes
Required Class Time 6.0 Hours Yes
Shooting Proficiency Test* 1 hour No
Written Test (incl. review & grading)*

1 Hour


Legal Issues, Contact with Law Enforcement, etc...

1 Hour


Breaks (10 min. for each of required 6 hours)

1 Hour


*required by State

Total 10 Hours  

*required by State

So, does this mean that my CHL classes are 10 hour long?  No, it means that my classes are the required 4 - 6 hour, and that I am including some "non-class" instruction, some of which is required by the State of Texas.

By the way, many of my potential students are now asking if I'm teaching the short class, or the more comprehensive one.

I think it's so nice to have choices.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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