March 18, 2014

Vol. 8   No. 05

Traffic Stop

If you took my CHL Class you've heard the following:

Just Good Advice

If you're stopped by a law enforcement officer, you should:

  1. Roll down the window before the officer approaches,
  2. Keep both hands in plain sight, on wheel,
  3. Give the officer your drivers license AND your concealed handgun license.
  4. At night, turn on the interior light.

There is no law that requires you to follow these four steps.  So, why should you?


Consider that every time a law enforcement officer makes a traffic stop he runs the risk that the person he stopped might decide to end his career, right there, beside the road.

Let the officer know that you're not that person.

And, before you start thinking that officers that have those concerns are a little on the paranoid side, watch the following video.

Before running to Texas, all evidence pointed to Evan Ebel as the shooter who killed Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements.

Nearly a year after his path crossed that of Evan Ebel and he was shot in the chest, shoulder and forehead, Montague County, TX sheriff's deputy James Boyd, who has a titanium metal plate in his head, has lost much of his sense of smell, and his hearing is impaired (nearly absent in his right ear), and his balance is only half what it used to be.

Fortunately, he is alive.

I hope this helps explain how much a little courtesy can mean.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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