December 16, 2013

Vol. 7   No. 26

Sheriffs Refuse to Enforce Laws on Gun Control

A few of Colorado's sheriffs have decided that some of Colorado's new gun laws are, at best, ambiguous, and, at worst, un-Constitutional.  Since the sheriffs are of the opinion that some of the new laws violate the Constitution, a few of them are refusing to enforce the new gun laws:

Hooray! for Sheriffs with backbone.

Really?  Is it backbone?  Or, is what they are doing just a dereliction of duty?

Why were the sheriffs elected?

Did the citizens elect them to make laws?  No, they elected the legislature to do that.

Did the citizens elect them to decide whether or not laws are Constitutional?  No, again, that's the job of the judiciary.

Bottom line is that the sheriffs were elected to uphold and enforce all the laws that have been passed by the legislative branch, unless they have been determined un-Constitutional by judicial branch.

To do otherwise would be would be shirking their responsibility to the citizens.  You know, it would be like Eric Holder refusing to enforce laws (he does? - oh well).

But, what if the laws are bad?  What if we don't want the laws that our legislators have passed?  In that case, we need to stand up and replace the legislators.  They've already started doing that, in Colorado, through re-call elections.  It works.

Bexar County, Texas once (at least) had a criminal for a sheriff.  Do you want him back, deciding which of our State's laws he feels like enforcing on any given day?  Before you answer, remember, he was anti-gun.

"Sheriffs with the backbone standing up for what is right... "  -  Hooray!  -  It sounds good, as long as the sheriffs are standing up for what I want.  But, how long can I count on them to agree with me?

Answer:  Until they find out they can please more voters by agreeing with the other side.

When used correctly, we have the best system of government that has ever existed, in the history of the world.

Make it work.

Next time you get the opportunity, turn off the TV, and go vote.

And remember, sheriffs are elected to uphold the laws, not make them.

Start making our system work again by voting for decent legislators in the first place, rather than, after laws have been passed, heaping praise on sheriffs who don't know their own job descriptions.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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