June 23, 2012

Vol. 7   No. 16

Training Opportunities

We have another opportunity for those who were unable to attend our first class on Cane & Walking Staff Fighting Tactics class - - NO AMMUNITION REQUIRED.

Anyone, who has attended any of Rudy Salazar's Fighting Tactics classes, will tell you that you will take away from his class, new techniques for protecting yourself.  Just as important, you will gain an increased level of confidence that will keep you in control if you find yourself in a bad situation.

For additional information:


Class Name Date
Fighting Tactics - Cane & Staff ( day) July 21st

(Click on class name for a detailed description.)

We hope you'll make plans, now, to attend our class.

Come prepared to learn.

Click here to register for either of the classes shown above.

You won't be disappointed.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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