April 17, 2012

Vol. 7   No. 9

Training Opportunities

We've been holding off scheduling our Intermediate shooting classes, waiting for price and availability of ammunition to return to reasonable levels.

Although pistol and rifle ammo is still scarce (as well as grossly over-priced), shotgun ammo can be found.  So, we are scheduling an Intermediate Shotgun class for June 15th & 16th.

Also, as covered in our previous Newsletter, we have a Cane & Walking Staff Fighting Tactics II class scheduled - - NO AMMUNITION REQUIRED.

For additional information:


Class Name Date
Fighting Tactics II - Cane & Staff ( day) May 26th
Intermediate Shotgun (2 day) June 15th - 16th

(Click on class name for a detailed description.)

We invite you to compare our classes with others costing 3 to 4 times as much, and requiring travel and lodging expense that often exceeds the cost of the class.

We hope you'll make plans, now, to attend either or both of our classes.

Come prepared to learn.

Click here to register for either of the classes shown above.

You won't be disappointed.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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