April 8, 2013

Vol. 7   No. 6

Weapons Retention Completed

Many thanks to Rudy Salazar, for another great job of instructing, and thanks to those students, who participated, for making our April 07, 2013, Weapons Retention Class a success.

A special thanks to our friend Carlos, for taking the time to photograph much of the class.  To view some of the images click here.

We are at work, now, putting together another segment in our Fighting Tactics series.  Watch our Newsletter for scheduling.

Participants in the three presentations of Fighting Tactics I, Weapons Retention, have referred to the class as "the best practical training available, to make sure you go home alive."

All course material is presented in a logical, easy to follow format, by Rudy Salazar.  He is committed to educating his students, as opposed to showing off with meaningless demonstrations.  Rudy also makes available follow-up training for all of the classes he teaches.

Give some serious consideration to joining us in our next class.

Oh, did I tell you that no one had to spend one-thin-dime on ammo?

Practice, Practice, Practice


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