January 28, 2013

Vol. 7   No. 2

Sunday CHL Class

For several years, we have been holding our initial CHL classes only on Saturdays.  While the Saturday classes work well for most, the practice made it difficult for potential students with Saturday jobs.

I'm sure you've all seen the results of the current political climate that has emptied store shelves that were, only a couple of months ago, filled with ammo.  It has also left firearms manufactures unable to keep up with demand, driven by fears that the Federal Government will continue its relentless assault on Our Second Amendment.

CHL classes are also filling quicker than ever.  And, for that reason, we are opening an additional Sunday CHL class in February 17th.

We hope this will make it easier for folks, who were previously unable to take our course because of work schedule conflicts.

If you know anyone that our expanded schedule will help, I hope you'll let them know.

Our registration form can still be found at:


We sincerely thank you for your continued support of all our training programs.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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