December 26, 2012

Vol. 6   No. 38

Cops in Schools

Listen to 'em whine, "We have to do something to protect the children."

OK - Put uniformed police officers, WITH GUNS, in school hallways.

"Oh, but cops, with guns, in schools might send the wrong message to our children."

S T O P  !

When I heard Gretchen Carlson say that the other morning, on FOX & Friends, I almost puked.  Wake up, you blonde haired twit - 'beat cops' send the right message to kids.  The message - - "We're tired of putting up with crap from psycho punks, like Adam Lanza.  Schools should be safe for kids and other living things."

I can remember when (a long time ago, when I was a kid) there were a few uniformed policemen walking beats in downtown San Antonio.  I can remember one, in particular, who worked on Houston Street.  He was a really big guy, who everybody called 'Tiny'.  I can remember that I almost always spoke to 'Tiny', and he to me.  I can remember feeling a little safer because 'Tiny' was there, blue uniform, shiny badge, S&W revolver, and all.  I don't believe I was traumatized by his presence.

Some will say, "But, life was different, then."

I would agree, and add that part of the reason life was different was because we had cops like 'Tiny' with a presence on our streets.  The good folks loved them, and the bad folks were afraid of them; what a concept.

Why won't that plan work in our schools?  Because, the morons that run our schools are more afraid of cops damaging our children's psyches than they are of lunatics blowing their heads off.

Our school districts already have "armed" police officers.  Let's have them quit chasing truants, quit writing cell phone tickets, park their patrol cars, and get to know the kids in school hallways.

Or, quit whining.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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