July 26, 2012

Vol. 6   No. 27

Why Liberals Might Win on Gun Control

We've forgotten what the argument is about.

You've all heard the cries from the left:

If it hadn't been so easy for a psycho like James Holmes to get all those assault guns, we wouldn't be mourning the deaths of friends and relatives in Aurora.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks cops should strike unless we institute stricter gun laws.

And, how do we counter?  We argue the merits of AR15 ownership for sporting purposes.  I actually heard one guy, yesterday, trying to justify his AR15 ownership, because it was necessary for competing in '3 Gun' competition.

We get bogged down in the minutia of whether or not magazine capacity should be limited to 10 rounds.  We try to convince liberals that just because a gun is black doesn't make it evil.

We try to change the liberal's minds by trying to get them to realize that guns save lives.  And, we get frustrated when they "can't understand."


The liberals understand.  They already know guns save lives.  They also know that we're not smart enough to figure out:

Gun Control is not GUNS.

Gun Control is about CONTROL.

Gun control is about power.  It's about the power of a politician to tell you how to live every aspect of your life.  Figure out what the argument is about before you get in.

Even our fair-haired, round friend, Rush Limbaugh showed his ignorance about the real argument when he mocked Ice-T for his statement, "The right to bear arms is because that’s the last form of defense against tyranny.  Not to hunt.  It's to protect yourself from the police [more]."

Somebody, please, let Rush know that Thomas Jefferson was not concerned with trap & skeet shooting.  He and the other Founding Fathers saw guns as necessary to defend citizens against tyranny - as in the tyranny of a police state (kind of like Ice-T was talking about).

We are too easily distracted from the real argument.  Owning a gun is my absolute right.  And, that right was not given to me by some politician who seeks to control every aspect of my life, or by a government that has become so corrupt that they are, once again, becoming the oppressor, the tyrant.

We are too easily lead into arguments that mean nothing.  We don't have to justify our rights to own guns.  We need to narrow our focus on the right to bear arms.  We need to stay on track with our fight, "Don't try to take my right, given to me by my God, and protected by my Constitution."

Keep the argument on track, or lose.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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