April 16, 2012

Vol. 6   No. 12

NEW - S&W M&P Shield (9mm and .40S&W)

A few months ago, I started leaving my good old SIG in my gun bag, and began carrying the S&W M&P (.357 SIG).  It took a lot to get me to retire my SIG, but the M&P has it all.  It's comfortable to shoot, very manageable, has a large enough mag. capacity to fend off attacks by multiple zombies, and, above all, it goes 'bang' every time I pull the trigger.

A good friend and former student just sent me a link to an article about S&W's latest addition to their M&P line, the Shield:

I have not yet had the opportunity to try out the Shield, but it looks like S&W has taken their already good gun and made it better suited to our needs by allowing it to be more easily concealed.  You do remember, it has to remain concealed. Right?

If any of you buy one or just get the opportunity to shoot one, I'd be very interested in hearing what you think about the gun.

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