March 10, 2012

Vol. 6   No. 7


Is our political system falling apart?

NO! (unless we let it happen)

When the GOP continues to give us Presidential candidates from the cast of the "Love Boat" (you remember that program that provided work for actors who otherwise could never have found employment), how can we get excited about going to the polls?

Easy, remember one of my favorite quotes:

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it.  -  Albert Einstein

As long as we can elect people who will oppose the policies of an administration that is hell-bent on destroying the greatest Country in history, they can be held in check.

It's not the guy at the top that we need to fear.  It's all the elected officials who "don't do anything about it."

Start at the bottom, and work up.  You might not change the top dog, but, along the way, you will have put enough good people in office to keep him on a tight leash.

A few days ago, man a lot smarter than I pointed out to me that we are members of a very powerful voting group.  There are about 1/2 million concealed handgun licensees in the State.  Numbers like that can change elections.

Now for the commercial:

On May 29th, vote in the GOP primaries for Justice David Medina, for Texas Supreme Court Justice, Place 4.

Justice Medina believes in a lot of 'old fashioned ideas', like the Constitution.

You will never experience 'buyer's remorse' over a vote cast for Justice Medina.

See you at the polls.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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