December 22, 2011

Vol. 5   No. 21

Flippin' Other Drivers the Sign

One of the best ideas to come from my 2011 students came from the last renewal class of the year.

While we were discussing Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, a member of the class told us that her job keeps her on the road most of the year.  She added that she had put in 25 years traveling, and that she had never had a serious rage incident in traffic.

Well, she got my curiosity going, and I asked her if she would share the secret of her peaceful co-existence with her fellow drivers.  She agreed to and said that she needed to get something out of her car.  She returned to the classroom carrying a sign similar to a Highway Flagman's sign; the kind that says "SLOW" in one side and "STOP" on the other.

She explained that when another driver did something very courteous, she showed him one side of the sign.  She went on to say that in the event that she did something regrettable in traffic, she showed other drivers the reverse side of the sign.  A replica of her sign is shown below:


If someone let her into a line of traffic, she showed her appreciation by holding up this sign.

If she inadvertently cut off another driver in traffic, she apologized for her action by showing the other side of the sign.

(To see flip side, pass mouse over image)

Cool idea?  Sure, it is.  But, what makes the idea work is the attitude of a gun-toting lady, who has decided that Non-Violent options make a lot of sense, and that they are worth the effort.  You know - The problems they refer to on the 10:00 o'clock news as 'Road-Rage'.

Keep life simple.  Keep life safe.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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