January 31, 2011

Vol. 5   No. 5

Utah Revisited

Back on July 2nd of last year, I put out a Newsletter about how a few folks were 'gaming' the CHL system by taking advantage of the fact that the State of Utah allows non-residents to obtain Utah concealed carry licenses through a much abbreviated, and cheap, course of instruction.  While the Texas CHL classroom and shooting proficiency tests must be conducted within the State of Texas, no similar restriction need be observed to obtain a Utah license.  The Utah course does not even require an applicant to demonstrate that they know which end of the barrel the bullet comes out of.

Well, get ready instructors and holders of Utah licenses.  It looks like the State of Utah is about to plug the loophole.  If passed, currently pending Utah Senate Bill 0036S01 will require that:

(4)(a)  In addition to meeting the other qualifications for the issuance of a concealed firearm permit under this section, a nonresident applicant shall:

(i)  hold a current concealed firearm of concealed weapon permit issued by the appropriate permitting authority of the nonresident applicant's state of residency that recognize the validity of the Utah permit in that state or has reciprocity with Utah's concealed firearm permit law; and

(ii)  submit a photocopy or electronic copy of the nonresident applicant's current concealed firearm or concealed weapon permit referred to in Subsection(4)(a)(i).

(b)  A non-resident applicant who knowingly and willfully provides false information to the bureau under Subsection (4)(a) is prohibited from holding a Utah concealed firearm permit for a period of 10 years.

(c)  Beginning January 12, 2012, Subsection (4)(a) also applies to an application for renewal of a concealed firearm permit by a nonresident.

Note that Subsection (c) will effectively block 'grandfathering' of current licenses.

SB36 was proposed in response to the fact that 2 states, New Mexico, and Nevada had already rescinded their reciprocity agreements with Utah.  Passage of this substitute bill Senate Bill looks very likely.

Don't you just love it when folks play by the rules?

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