July 01, 2010

Vol. 4   No. 10

Handgun Retention and Disarming Tactics Seminar

Many thanks to those who attended, and made a big success of, our first Handgun Retention and Disarming Tactics Seminar, taught by Texas DPS Lt. (ret.) Erwin Ballarta.  Class attendance broke down as:

  • 5 area Police Officers,

  • 5 CHL Instructors, and

  • 16 CHL Licensees

Some of the photos taken at our seminar can be found at:

A special thanks goes out to Erwin Ballarta for sharing some of his professional skills with our group.  We are looking forward to additional phases of your Defensive Tactics Training in the future.

Side note:  Erwin has, once again, been chosen to head up security for Lance Armstrong's final run at the Tour de France, and is currently on his way to Paris, for about a month.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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