May 31, 2010

Vol. 4   No. 8

UN & Your Guns


Several of my friends and former students have pointed out that the NRA-ILA published a new update, titled The UN Gun Grabber (http://www.nraila.org/News/Read/InTheNews.aspx?ID=13846).

The bulletin appears to give credence to the story about Hillary Clinton signing an Arms Treaty.  It does not.  It does point out the need for us to be ever-vigilant of the current anti-gun regime, because they "favor" such an anti-Second Amendment action.

Each of the emails I received on the subject referenced the NRA-ILA bulletin as well as a related Washington Times article.  I thank my friends for doing that research, prior to sending their emails.

By circulating factual information, we can keep a close eye on the Washington bums that long to take away our gun rights.  We can use factual information to organize and to stay on top of our elected representatives to fight to keep our rights.  It is precisely that information sharing ability that scares the hell out of "the other side."

However when we perpetuate the rumors like the one about listing all of our guns on our Tax Form 1040, we create a "sky is falling" mind set that only diminishes the effects of the real news.

Practice, Practice, Practice


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