May 30, 2010

Vol. 4   No. 7

The UN vs. Your Guns

I regularly receive emails from well intentioned folks, who are concerned over Hillary Clinton's signing of an Arms Treaty with the UN.  They usually begin, "Send this to every gun loving human in the known universe."  By the time I receive the email, it has usually been forwarded 9 or 10 times, with each previous recipient leaving the cumulative list of addressees in the message.  This, of course, spreads all of our email addresses around for any semi-talented spammer to use (but, that's a separate issue).

- - - STOP - - -  Neither you nor the person who forwarded the message to you have stumbled across secret information that even the NRA doesn't know about.  It's nothing more than some flake's effort to see how widespread the "bogus" information contained in the email can be disseminated.

If you want the straight story, go to the NRA-ILA website, and check the validity of these claims.

For information relating specifically to the UN Treaty email, you can go to:

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