April 12, 2009

Vol. 3   No. 3

HB 1893

Reality Check - Guns on Campus

The Texas Legislature is currently considering a Bill (HB 1893) to amend Subchapter H, Chapter 411, Government Code, to allow properly licensed individuals to carry handguns on the Texas campuses of institutions of higher education.

The anti-gun lobby argues that to allow guns on campus would turn them into killing fields, and put students in greater danger.  This is the same lame argument that they presented a dozen years ago, when the original CHL laws were passed.  It was a bogus argument then, and it remains a bogus argument today.

But, this isn't about their argument; It's about "our" argument.  What about "our" argument that allowing CHL licensees to carry on campus will make all the students safer?  What about "our" argument that [at least some] the students that died at Virginia Tech or Northern Illinois University would be alive, today, if some of the good guys on those campuses had been carrying guns?

I contend that "our" argument has become as bogus as that of the anti-gunners.

"We" argue that the police can not protect everyone and that it is the responsibility of every individual to provide for his/her own defense.  Then, in the same breath, "we" make the claim that a few armed CHL Licensees, carrying guns, will make our campuses safe.  Think about it - If CHL Licensees will make our campuses safe, the addition of more police would do the same thing.

I contend that "we" are making the wrong argument.  As a CHL Licensee, it is neither my duty nor is it my responsibility to keep my college campus safe.  It is not my job to become a policeman.

So, where's the benefit in passing HB 1893?

The benefit accrues to me, the individual, who realizes that, "It is my duty and my responsibility to keep myself safe from the likes of Cho Seung-Hui (VT) and Steven Phillip Kazmierczak (NIU), who would seek to harm or kill me.  Let me possess my handgun on the campus of my school, so I can defend myself the same way in the classroom as I now can in the mall parking lot."

If the Virginia Tech murders had occurred at the UT campus, and had I been there with my concealed handgun, would the 32 that died that day still be alive?  Probably not.  BUT I WOULD.  And, that's what makes passage of HB 1893 so important.

I hope that you will contact your elected representative and encourage passage of HB 1893.

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