May 10, 2007

Vol. 1   No. 9

HB 991

(Reprinted from NRA-ILA Alerts)

Texas Right-to-Carry Confidentiality Bill Heads to Governor Perry!

Thank You for Your Calls and Support of HB 991!

On Wednesday, May 9, the Texas Senate gave final approval to House Bill 991, the Concealed Handgun License confidentiality (CHL) bill sponsored by State Representative Patrick Rose (D-Dripping Springs) and State Senator Bob Deuell (R-Greenville).  The bill now goes to Governor Rick Perry (R) for his signature.

Passage of this measure to keep records of CHLs private for personal security reasons is the culmination of an effort that spanned three legislative sessions.  The media aggressively opposed the measure, and passage of HB 991 is a key victory for law-abiding Texas CHLs.

Please take a moment to send a note of thanks to the authors of the bill:  Representative Patrick Rose at patrick.rose@house.state.tx.us and Senator Bob Deuell at bob.deuell@senate.state.tx.us.

Also, please take a moment to thank the respective chairmen of the committees who set the bill for hearings and reported it out promptly to ensure its passage:  State Senator Robert Duncan (R-Lubbock), Chairman of the Senate State Affairs Committee, at robert.duncan@senate.state.tx.us and State Representative Joe Driver (R-Garland), Chairman of the House Law Enforcement Committee, at joe.driver@house.state.tx.us.

Thank you for all your calls and emails in support HB 991, which ensured strong, bi-partisan support of the measure in both the House and the Senate.

Please keep checking www.NRAILA.org for further firearms issues in Texas and around the nation.

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